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Collections of photos grouped by the bands that Mark is associated with and solo/guest appearances. Appologies in advance to any un-credited photo takers.Enjoy!


2020s thumbA selection from the '20s.

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bib coverScans of magazine and online articles.

All articles are copyright of the respective publications and are reproduced here with thanks to those publications.

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2018 thumbA selection from 2019.

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2018 thumbSome favourite images from 2018.

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2016 thumbAppearances with Damon T, Bob Angell and other collaborators during 2017.

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2016 thumbAppearances with Damon T, the Myers Brothers and other collaborators during 2016.

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general thumbA mixed bunch of photos featuring solo gigs and guest appearances from the UK to Australia and places in between.

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Gran Canaria 2015 - set 1

gcset1 thumbDaniel and Celina took these wonderful photos at various gigs Mark played in Gran Canaria with the guys from Los Gumbos Blues Band in May 2015. All photos in this collection © Daniel & Celina 2015.

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Gran Canaria 2015 - set 2

gcset2 thumbTony Ventura took these fantastic photos at two of the gigs when Mark played in Gran Canaria in May 2015. All photos in this collection © Tony Ventura 2015.

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Sons of the Delta

sons thumbA hand-picked selection featuring Mark's blues and americana duo/band. visit the sons of the Delta website for loads more photos.

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The Jigantics

jigs thumbGig and road photos with The Jigantics, a five piece folk, americana and roots band in which Mark sings and plays all sorts! Visit The Jigantics website for more photos.

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The Dockery Boys

dox thumbsMark with roots rockers the Dockery Boys. the squeezebox years - late 1980s to mid 1990s.

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Maxwell Street Blues Band

max thumbFrom 1982 up to today. Photos from Mark's longest standing band, still performing after thirty years.

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