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COLE is the eponymous debut release from Mark Cole and features original songs across the variety of musical styles that he performs in.

The eleven track album not only highlights his flair as a songwriter (one track, ‘Let Me Down’, achieving a runner-up place in the globally recognized American Songwriter magazine's lyrics competition) but also as a multi-instrumentalist, as Mark plays nearly all of the instruments on the recordings.

The songs range in mood and subject from the full-on power of 'Desiccate Me Baby', 'Bon Ton Boy' and 'Out On A Saturday Night' to the soulful 'Solitary', the quirky 'Let Me Down' and 'Misprint Formica', the melancholy 'Had Our Day', the North Mississippi influenced groove of 'Honeyslide', the cautionary 'Love Will Make You Blind', the human tragedy of 'Water Will Rise' and the reflective, Mexican influenced 'Banus Rain'.  Inspired by traditional music styles of the Deep South it's sometimes visceral and hypnotic, sometimes contemplative and always emotional. It's music grown in the dark, damp soil that hides deep under the roots of the tree of life, created to get under the skin and into the heart and mind of the listener.

You'll hear some of the songs performed live by Mark at various solo, duo and band appearances.

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"Superb album"
Harry Simpson, DJ on "Still Got The Blues", Zetland 105FM

"Excellent new solo album from Mark Cole"
Kevin Beale, DJ on "Blues on the Marsh"

"It's a mighty fine album throughout... track by track there's something new and fresh to enjoy"
Pete Clack, Blues in Britain magazine, Issue 200, August 2018

"This an album of pure pleasure... If you like non-standard blues with a lyrical musical punch, you will not be disappointed."
Liz Aiken,





Blues in Britain magazine, Issue 200, August 2018

"Mark Cole leads Sons Of The Delta but has now taken the plunge to release a solo debut release, and it's a mighty fine album throughout, using many influences from blues, Americana even a little slice of Mexico, there is certainly a lot to enjoy over the eleven tracks. Mark wrote every track and apart from a few friends helping out plays all the instru- ments. ‘Let Me Down’ won a runner-up place in the International Songwriting Competition. All bases are covered from the deep south through Hill Country blues to the sounds of true Americana and ‘Banus Rain;’ with its reflective Mexican influences. ‘Solitary’ is easy on the ear, a song for the end of a busy day whereas ‘Desicate Me Baby’ has that driving dirty blues groove. ’Bon Ton Boy’ is complete with an hypnotic john Lee Hooker groove, raw and toe tapping and ‘I’ll make you jump for joy’ has a simple guitar hook and supports Marks voice with a gentle tap beat, What's so enjoyable about Mark's music is that though it's very blues influenced, track by track there's something new and fresh to enjoy. Mark displays his guitar skills all through the closing track ‘Had Our Day’. Well he certainly hasn't had his day; this is a great start with more solo work to come." Pete Clack - 9 out of 10 - click to read online review 


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